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What is Yin Yoga?
Unlike Yang style of yoga where things are much faster pace and muscle are engaged, Yin Yoga postures require your muscles to remain relaxed during the lengthened stretch. Staying in the stretch for longer and in a passive state allows the body to stretch your connective tissue, also known as fascia. Connective tissue is made up of dense fibers that surround your muscles and organs. The fasica is a network through the entire body, and it become less pliable and builds up with time, resulting in decreased mobility and pain. Connective tissue requires different conditions than muscles for releasing and lengthening, and these conditions form the basis of Yin Yoga. A Yin practice is encouraged at least 2-4 times a week either post a Yang style movement or a stand alone practice to balance constant movement with stillness.
What are the health benefits?
Lengthens connective tissue
Your connective tissue aka fascia is like shrink wrap around your muscles and bones. When these tissues are underused, it becomes less elastic which can lead to aches and stiffness in the body. By holding a yin pose for a a length of time, the tissues will lengthen and become stronger—which results in less aches and pains overall.
Increases your circulation
When breathing into each posture and targeting your deeper tissues and ligaments, you allow more oxygen into your body and to your muscles. This helps increase your blood flow and circulation.
Reduces stress levels
Studies have found practicing yin yoga to have a significant impact on lowering stress and anxiety levels, in-turn reducing the risk of depression. It also activates your parasympathetic nervous system, which calms your body and slows your heart rate (rest and digestive mode) rather than the sympathetic side which we live in almost daily which is your fight-or-flight response.
Strengthens bodies energy channels
On an energetic level, Yin yoga strengthens the bodies energy channels, also known as meridians in traditional Chinese medicine, by increasing the flow of prana (life force) in places where energy often stagnates.
Improves flexibilty
Fascia needs at least 120 seconds of sustained stretching to actively affect its elasticity, thus why holding yin postures is one of the most effective ways at increasing your flexibility in those tight and sticky areas of the body.

The list goes on and on with the amount of health benefits that a Yin practice can have on each individual body, from the release or trauma responses in the body to gaining a meditative practice. The bottom line is that Yin Yoga is not your typical sweaty workout, but that doesn't mean it's any less beneficial. Find out all the ways that Yin can be helpful to your physical body and mental health.
Yin Postures Conditions
Come to a point in the pose where the muscles are relaxed, where you can breath through the sensation with no pain.
This can be challenging for some. In each pose it is almost an active meditation. Allow the body to be still and go deeper.
Typically Yin poses are held for 3–5 minutes. This generates significant physiological changes in response to the stretch.
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It was after a major emotional trauma in my life that yoga became a life source for me and led me closer to my spiritual self. After 5 years of working on my own practice I started my journey towards becoming a yoga instructor. I finished my certification just as I became pregnant with my second son. This influenced my decision with focusing my teachings with pre and postnatal women and working with mom and babies. Knowing the power yoga has on our bodies and minds, and seeing and experiencing that in the pregnant body both pre and postpartum became a passion of mine to help women through their journey in motherhood. Since then, taking another page from my own experiences and patterns and noticing the same in so many women, I have been drawn to the teachings of Yin Yoga. Taking the constant Yang that is our everyday speed, especially as a mother, we need Yin, the stillness and pause in our lives more than ever. With my 9 years of practice, I want to help woman take a moment for themselves on the mat. Focus on their mind, body and spiritual growth as an individual. Not as a mom, friend, wife, partner, or daughter but as you. Join me in taking a calming breathe together.

Erin Flannery

Certified Yoga Instructor 200hr RYT /
Certified Pre & Postnatal Yoga Instructor
Certified Yin Yoga Instructor

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